White-label & Branding

Your domain, logo, and colors, customize your Transiyzi experience entirely with your own branding.

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Custom domain

Bring your own domain to the party! Transiyzi is offering a brand-new experience with the forwarding of your domain name.

How to forward your domain? →

Branded login & register pages

Once you forward your domain, your Login and Register pages will look completely unique to your brand. Let's take a look at what it looks like on our demo pages below:

Branded emails

Whether invitations or notifications, all your emails are tailored to your brand.

Upload your logo

Customize the entire experience by uploading your logo to the Transiyzi. It's used on internal pages, login and register pages, as well as in the emails we send.

Pick your colors

When the subject is branding, one of the most important topics is your colors. We let you customize your Transiyzi experience with your own colors.

Use your own name

By using our white-label feature, we allow you to replace the Transiyzi brand with your own name. On the whole platform, we show your brand name.


What is a White-label?

In the software industry, white-labeling refers to rebranding or customizing a product built by one business to look to be developed by another.

Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely, you are free to use your own domain name. It makes no difference where you buy it. You only need to create a new CNAME record. You can get more information from your technical staff.

When I white-label it, does it look exactly like my own product?

Yes, it looks exactly like your own product. As we explained above, all aspects of the app, such as your logo, colors, registration login pages, emails, and so on, are completely unique to your brand.

Is it possible to sell Transiyzi to someone else or to use it for a fee?

Sure, it is possible. Technically, you sell within the limits of the package you buy. We do not restrict your or your customers' use.

Which packages are available for white-label?

White-label is available in our Growth and Pro packages.

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