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Contexts allow you to show where the original string occurs and where the translation will be placed.

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Machine Translations

Grow your teams to complete translation projects faster. You can assign people to any team in any role.

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Let your team make various translation suggestions. Choose the most appropriate translation among them.

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Let your team discuss the translation. This way, ensure the most accurate translation for your business language and context.

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Let your team members vote on translations or suggestions. Pick the best translation with the help of votes.

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Approving translations is in the hands of the admin and editors. So you always make sure that proofreading is done.

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Stay up-to-date

Translations, comments, or approvals; don't miss anything that is done. Everything is at your fingertips.

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Never lose your translations

We keep all translations of your texts. Compare older versions to see what has changed.

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Track all progress

Filters all untranslated, unreviewed, and approved strings for easy viewing. This allows you to quickly monitor the project's progress.

Get real-time updates

Instant notifications about what's happening in your projects. Also, control what type of notifications you receive.

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